The aim of the Ombudsman is to address customer rights and interests

Finsolutia is a loan servicer.
Pursuant to market best practices, Finsolutia has instituted the Ombudsman figure to liaise with customers whose debt is managed by Finsolutia on behalf of a creditor.
This individual’s job is to answer all customers who want to or have filed a complaint and are not satisfied with the response or with the services that was provided.
The aim of the Ombudsman is to address customer rights and interests, by being the key point of contact to facilitate a resolution. This figure reinforces Finsolutia’s commitment to high ethical standards, fairness and good faith principles, in order to assist and enhance service quality.

Who may contact the Ombudsman?

Customers with accounts managed by Finsolutia may contact the Ombudsman on issues related to their account.

What are the requirements to submit a complaint?

The customer needs to first go through the regular channel of contacting the company’s asset management service. However, if the customer does not agree with the response or with the service that was provided, they may then contact the Ombudsman.

How can I contact the Ombudsman?

We hope that you may help us to improve our services, and we are pleased to receive your comments/suggestions through the following contact options:

  • By our contact form.
  • By email to:
  • By letter to the following address:
    • Provedor do devedor
      Edificio Sotto Mayor, Rua Sousa Martins Nº 1, R/C Dto. 1050-217 Lisboa, Portugal.
    • Defensor del deudor
      Av. Asturias, Nº 9, 1ª Planta. 28029 Madrid, España.

How does the Ombudsman act?

An immediate acknowledgement of the receipt of the submitted claim will be provided.
If necessary, the Ombudsman may request the customer for the all of the relevant information, documentation, history that is needed in order to analyze and study the claim.
Fulfilling Ombudsman directives, a formal answer will be provided.

When will the customer receive the reply?

Within a time-span of 30 days the customer will receive a written resolution proposal from the Ombudsman.